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  1. After the cargo owner accepts the quotation by Victor Pacific Services Ltd. (VPS), it is represented that he/she agrees fully with all the warehouse clauses and conditions of VPS.
  2. Cargo pickup depends on the guideline by either the cargo owner or his/her authorized. VPS does not take any responsibility if the cargo is picked up due to the fact that the certificate of authorization is yet to be cancelled. VPS will provide the signed receipt to the cargo owner as evidence.
  3. VPS provides a monthly warehouse report to ensure the verification of the cargo quantity. If there is any query, the cargo owner has to raise the objection within 15 days upon the issue of the report. Otherwise VPS would work according to the reported data.
  4. VPS does not acknowledge any transfer of ownership of the cargos in the warehouse until the transfer has been registered in VPS’s record book. After the transfer of ownership is confirmed, a new storage inventory report will be provided. The warehouse moving cost will be recalculated on the day when the transfer of ownership comes into effect.
  5. In the event of an emergency or to avoid disasters, VPS may first move the cargos away from the warehouse and inform the cargo owner subsequently. VPS is not liable for any damages caused under the above-mentioned conditions. The cargo owner is responsible for the cost incurred in the move because VPS is under no obligation to take responsibility for the above condition. Furthermore, VPS does not take any responsibility for those damages which are resulted from not moving the cargos.
  6. Cargo owner must abide by the regulations on dangerous materials, hygiene and narcotics of the local government as well as clauses of the insurance company. The storing party must not store any dangerous goods, unhygienic commodities and narcotics in VPS’s warehouses. Once discovered, the said items must be moved away from the warehouses of VPS by the cargo owner within 24 hours upon receipt of notice. Otherwise, VPS reserves the right to dispose of the said items, while the cargo owner is responsible for any damages, costs and legal liabilities arising out of this.
  7. The names, types, quality and specification etc. of the cargos appear on the booking form are all recorded according to the cargo information and oral notice by cargo owner without being subject to VPS’s inspection. VPS is not liable for any damages or changes in conditions, contents and quality that occur to the stored items in the future. If the cargos encounter earthquakes, floods, fires, stealing, damages caused by insects and rodents, moulds and all other unavoidable damages, VPS shall not be held liable.
  8. Prior to cargo pickup, the cargo owner must make full payment for storage charges and all other expenses. Even though the pickup does not take place, the cargo owner must pay the monthly storage charges and insurance premium that is calculated once every month. If the storage charges and other costs owed to VPS are not paid off within three months upon receipt of reminder, VPS reserves the right to sell the cargos to cover the owed amount. Should the amount cannot be fully covered, the cargo owner is still liable for the difference. Meanwhile, the warehouse services become invalid.
  9. With regard to cargos that are high-tech products, if there isn’t any damage to the surface of the products, VPS is not liable for any internal damages (including those of softwares) of the products.
  10. If it is certified that the damage or the loss of the cargo is within the accountability of VPS, the maximum amount of indemnity for each parcel is HKD 1,000. The maximum amount of indemnity for each accident is HKD 50,000.
  11. The VPS will be responsible for the warehouse cargos in accordance the above provisions only. It is suggested that the cargo owner should purchase all insurances related to the cargos.
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