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  1. Below are terms and conditions that the shipper agrees to follow.
  2. Our company is only responsible for the carriage of goods. However, carriage undertaken by different means of transport, not limited to railway, vessel, and airline will therefore be responsible for their respective liability in the carriage of goods.
  3. All carriage charges shall be paid upon receipt of goods, no matter whether the shipping schedule has to be cancelled or the goods fail to be delivered to the destination due to accidents during transit. Any prepaid carriage charges will not be returned and any outstanding amount will be settled by the shipper or the consignee.
  4. The shipper will be responsible for the purchase of cargo insurance themselves.
  5. Our company is not liable for any damages to or loss of the cargo caused by willful misconduct of the shipper, or ordinary leakage, ordinary loss in weight or volume, ordinary wear and tear, insufficiency or unsuitability of packing, inherent vice or nature of the cargo, use of any weapon of war employing atomic or nuclear fission, wars, piracy, fire, strikes, sailing, mechanical breakdown of means of transports and railway’s negligence.
  6. Our company is not liable for any damage, shortage, loss, decay, breakage or death of oil, wine, seafood (dry and live), plants, porcelain, glassware and cargos that are prone to damage.
  7. Our company is not liable for any loss caused by delay in transportation of cargos.
  8. The shipper shall be liable to all the damages caused by dangerous articles or contraband secretly put together with the cargos. Our company shall not be held liable for the situation, where flammables, explosives and other dangerous articles that can be transported with prior consent of our company are subject to the disposal of the vehicles, ships or airlines in the way they deem appropriate, provided that the said items present risks or damages to the other goods of the same carriage within the period between the cargo pickup to delivery.
  9. The cargo owner shall be responsible for any duty and tax and customs penalty fee. Our company reserves the right to detain the goods, until all the charges prepaid by us, together with the interest incurred, are reimbursed.
  10. Our company reserves the right to detain the goods if the cargo owner fails to settle the miscellaneous charges, demurrage and the interest associated with such outstanding charges.
  11. Any cargo damage is found out before pick up, will be handled and evidence will be supported with the site inspection by customer, surveyor as witness. And we will not be responsible for any claims of damage after the pickup.
  12. If the cargo damage is proved to be under the liability of our company, the maximum amount of compensation for each item (which is based on the ordinary transportation regulations and standard) is HKD 1,000. However, only 60% of the original value of the item will be compensated if the original value is less than HKD1, 000. If cargo is not totally damaged, the compensation will be paid according to the percentage of the damage. The maximum amount of compensation for each accident is HKD100, 000.
  13. Our liability ends once cargo is picked up and unloaded.
  14. The cargo owner shall be liable for all the additional charges for and risks and loss caused by reloading, unloading of cargo to other warehouses or locations due to the delay in receiving the cargos upon arrival.
  15. Under no circumstances our company is liable for loss of or damages to cargos on any occasions except when a litigation is filed within one year upon the delivery of cargos.
  16. Issues that are not stipulated in the Terms and Conditions will be settled in accordance with transportation convention.
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